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6 February 2019

The Dirt Road

Back in 2012 I finally got around to doing something I'd thought about for a long while: I drew a map of the area of Auburn near the neighbor I grew up. As a child I (along with my brother and a few close friends) spent hours exploring woods near our homes, building tree forts, and creating trails to walk or bike through.

This was all at a time when Auburn, Alabama was a much smaller town (late 1970s, early 1980s). I grew up on Apache Street in the Stage Road subdivision. It was near the railroad tracks that run through town, and there was a lot of undeveloped land in the area. These days, however, almost all remnants of that landscape are gone, having been developed into other neighborhoods and various commercial businesses.

I had toyed with the idea of drawing a map that tried to capture the essesnce of my remembrances of that childhood. I knew my memories were probably already quite faulty (one tends to idealize and romanticize an enjoyed childhood), but I also knew that every year that passed without me drawing such a map, the less accurate it would ultimately be.

So, finally, I took some time over a week in the beginning of 2012 and sketched out the following map of the area fondly known as "The Dirt Road".

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