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7 February 2019

Map of My Progress

"He loved maps, and in his hall there hung a large one of the County Round with all his favourite walks marked on it in red ink." -- The Hobbit, J. R. R. Tolkien
I've been making long walks around Auburn and throughout Lee County since 2015. To keep track of my progress, I use a pretty old school method: I simply highlight the roads I've trekked on a large printed map of the area. I printed out PDF road maps obtained from the Alabama Department of Transportation website. Taping together the maps of Lee County and surrounding counties (Chambers, Tallapoosa, Macon, and Russell), yielded a large cartograph that I have affixed to a wall in my house:

A slightly closer look at the map shows how much of the area I've covered:

I've covered about 3/4 of the county roads at this point (missing the eastern most roads near the border of Georgia). I've also walked a bit in at least some of each of the surrounding counties.

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