Eric's Puzzle Parties


I have decided to indefinitely postpone future "Eric's Puzzle Parties"; this includes the previously planned "EPP18: An A-Maze-ing Puzzle Party". I hope my decision will not cause too much inconvenience for any of the people who were expecting to attend.

I know better than to say there will "never" be another EPP, but for now I cannot say when, or if, there will be any in the future.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in these events over the years; it was a pleasure meeting all of you.


Eric Harshbarger

[This message is genuine. This is not a puzzle.]

EPP18: coming 24 March 2018

An A-Maze-ing Puzzle Party

Past Parties

The 17th Puzzle Party (Spring 2017)
The Joke's On You

The 16th Puzzle Party (Spring 2016)

The 15th Puzzle Party (Spring 2015)
Eric's Circle of Friends

The 14th Puzzle Party (Spring 2014)
Hatching a Devious Plan...

The 13th Puzzle Party (Spring 2013)
Your Lucky Day?

The 12th Puzzle Party (Spring 2012)
Back To Basics

The 11th Puzzle Party (Fall 2011)
Puzzle Potluck I

The 10th Puzzle Party (Spring 2011)
The Abecedary

The 9th Puzzle Party (Spring 2010)
Puzzle Marathon II

The 8th Puzzle Party (Spring 2009)
Puzzle Marathon I

The 7th Puzzle Party (Spring 2008)
A Most Egg-cellent Puzzlehunt

The 6th Puzzle Party (Spring 2007)

The 5th Puzzle Party (Fall 2006)
Auburn PuzzleHunt!

The 4th Puzzle Party (Spring 2006)

The 3rd Puzzle Party (Fall 2005)

The 2nd Puzzle Party (Spring 2005)

The 2004 Puzzle Party