EPP5: Preview

By early June I had finished about 60% of the puzzle preparation for EPP5. Mike and I had yet to do a real "excursion" however, so on Friday, 9 June, we set off from my house and scouted out all types of locations.

Surely that's not a cryptex?!
We took my digital camera along to document the afternoon.

We stopped by many places I knew I would want to incorporate into the PuzzleHunt, found some new locations, and ruled out others. It was the first time that Mike and I had really planned out some of the puzzles together, so it was good to be on site and get a "lay of the land", so to speak.

It was extraordinarily hot, of course (being June in Alabama), but we persevered... taking a break at a local watering hole.

In all we were out and about for around three and a half hours. Most of my ideas were flushed out nicely. It was definitely a good idea to study the areas in detail. We did not visit EVERY place I plan to use in the PuzzleHunt, and we got sidetracked a few times (we even discovered a few things out in the environment which seemed pre-made for PuzzleHunt activities).

In shot, it was a afternoon well spent. We will surely do more before Puzzle-Day arrives.

-- Eric

[Warning: I make no claim that any of the photographs above are relevant to EPP5. Some might have clues, some might not. Some might have been purposely staged to trick you. Some may have been completely spontaneous. View them at your own discretion.]

EPP5: Preview 2

EPP5: Preview 3, Map

I can't guarantee that your team will stay on this map during the whole PuzzleHunt (in fact, I can guarantee that you should probably leave the map's area at some point during the day), but you may find it useful anyway.

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