EPP5: The Teams

Committed Teams

Here I will list any teams as they are assembled. As soon as you start organizing a team, be sure to let me know. Again, with space for only 5 teams, you'll want to let me know ASAP. You may alert me to your team's formation before you have a complete team; I will gladly put partial team rosters online (and you are welcome to add or delete members at anytime -- just keep me up to date).

BLACK BOX        
Daniel Auchenpaugh (2)
Danny Belu (2)
Mark Brady (4)
Tracy Cobbs (6)
Blake Dayton (2)
Katie Hammond (2)
Henry Lim* (3)
John Middleton (4)
Emily Norman (4)

Total P.S. == 29

Edward Boudreax (3)
Scott Brown (2)
Robert Ford (6)
Tim Hardwick* (6)
Blane Hollingsworth (5)
Bill Sherling (5)
Sharon Yarborough (2)

Total P.S. == 29

Leshay Brannan (2)
Carmen Coleman (2)
Josh Coleman (2)
Chad Counselman (2)
Rachael Counselman (2)
Deborah Few (2)
Kelly Hollingsworth* (6)
Big Al Miller (2)
David Plaxco (3)
Mitch Plaxco (2)
Andrew Thomas (2)

Total P.S. == 27

* Captain

I, as referee, will not take an active role in assembling teams for people or recruiting people for specific teams. If you want to participate in EPP5, and send me an email asking what team to be on, I will ask you to join the the Yahoo! Group about my Puzzle Parties and make a general inquiry there. If you ask me if you can join a specific team that is currently forming (and listed on this page), I will simply forward your email on to some of the team's members and let them correspond with you directly (I will not publicly post anyone's email address on this website).
PLAYER               P.S.
------               ----
Tracy Cobbs             6
Robert Ford             6
Michael Francis         6
Tim Hardwick            6
Kelly Hollingsworth     6
Mike Hollingsworth      6
Bob Gillis              5
Adam Hajari             5
Linda Harshbarger       5
Blane Hollingsworth     5
Christy Jansen          5
Marshall Jansen         5
Betty Senger            5
Bill Sherling           5
Jimmy Yeung             5
Zac Aldewereld          4
Mark Brady              4
Abby Creel              4
John Creel              4
Marsha Gillis           4
John Middleton          4
Emily Norman            4
Kimberly Nunes-Bufford  4
Dorothy Sherling        4
Katie Baldwin           3
Edward Boudreaux        3
Dan Gillis              3
Dean Hoffman            3
Scott Ingram            3
Sarah Kraynak           3
Eric Larsen             3
Henry Lim               3
Sean Lowery             3
Harry Newburn           3
David Plaxco            3
Christine Senger        3
Mark Spencer            3
Billy Symon             3
Courtney Tytler         3
Lee Warshaw             3
Kishan Yerubandi        3

Anyone new              2
Total Team's P.S. < 30

Team Size

The number of people who can be on your team is quite flexible, but must adhere to the following formula (yes, there's a formula). For each indvidual participant, one should calculate his or her "Participation Score" based on the number of past EPPs they've attended. One's Participation Score is the number of past Parties attended plus 2. I've host four past Parties, so, if you've attended all of them up to EPP5, then your Participation Score would be 6.

A "newbie" (someone who has never been to one of my Parties) would have a Participation Score of 2.

A team assembled for the PuzzleHunt may have any number of people on it as long as the total of all of its Players' Participation Scores does not exceed 29.

So, theoretically, a team of all newbies could have 14 people on it. More likely, you will want a team with a mix of veterans and neophytes. To the right is a list of all past participants (and their Participation Scores for EPP5). This list should help people assemble teams. Most people on that list have signed up to the Yahoo! Group about my Puzzle Parties, so you are encourage to use that group as a forum to organize teams (just make a post to it say, "I'm trying to organize a team... email me if you want to join me!" or something like that).

Team Names

You are encouraged to come up with a clever, funny, cryptic, or otherwise cool name for your team. No bonus points will be awarded or anything, but you might earn the respect (or ridicule) of other Players.


While you are allowed to assemble teams however you want (using the guidelines above), I would encourage you to have the following on your teams:
  • One or more people familiar with Auburn (pretty much the area around my home and downtown Auburn, plus Auburn University's campus -- I won't get any more specific than that).
  • A team Captain with a cell phone. And by "cell phone", I mean a cell phone that will be on the whole PuzzleHunt day, and will be answered whenever I need to contact your team. I'll be quite annoyed if I need to contact the wayward teams and I get Captain's voicemail. Also, you might need to call me back at "headquarters" for hints or to otherwise report on your teams progress.
  • One or more cars or other modes of transportation. EPP5 will only start at my house. Your teams will quickly discover reasons to go elsewhere around Auburn.
  • A digital camera.
  • A video camera of some sort would be great. I would love to see footage taken by teams as they are actually running through the PuzzleHunt.
  • Access to a computer and the Internet. Unlike past Parties, you will defiitely be allowed to search for answers online and so forth (in fact, I doubt some of the puzzles will be solvable without access to the Internet).
  • A web browser that can view Java applets.
  • "Cheat sheets." You are allowed to bring any notes with things like Morse code, semaphore code, ASCII, Braille, etc. Of course, this is all on the Net... but you may want it handy.
  • Several newbies. I really hope a lot of new Players attend this Party (hence the Team Assmbly Formula above).

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