EPP7: The Events/Puzzles


EPP7 will begin at my house on 5 April 2008 at 10am, sharp. That's when I'll start my introduction speech and such, the initial puzzles being handed out shortlythereafter. Be sure that I have a phone number for your team's captain at that time for correspondence throught the day (you will quickly find reasons for your team to leave the vicinity of my house).

Your teams will also likely split up, but I will only be corresponding with your captain consitently.

There will be fifteen "events" (puzzles) that you might find through out the day. Certain puzzles will lead to later puzzles, and so forth. Whenever you solve a particular puzzle, you will find or be given a "Certificate of Egg-cellence" for the accomplishment plus instructions for the next puzzle. You will want to keep these Certificates as proof of solving, plus they are used for "scoring" at the end of the day. Your team will also get an example Certificate at kick-off, during my introduction (so you know what they look like).

Here are the titles of the events (listed alphabetically):

Alice Buys An Egg
An Egg-cellent Adventure
Coloring Easter Eggs
Decortared Eggs
Dozens Of Eggs
Egg Rolls And Soup
Egges! Eggses It Is!
Great Egg-Spectations
Lego My Eggo!
Scrambled Eggs
Spoon & Egg Race
Sudoku-ku-cacho, I Am The Eggman!
The After Easter Egg Hunt

Titles (and the puzzles they represent) may change between now at Party-Day, but this is what is currently planned. There will also be a meta-puzzle...

Winners and Losers

There will be one Certificate per team available for each puzzle, and they will be numbered. The team which finishes a puzzle first will receive the Certificate numbered "1", the second team, "2", and so forth. So, by the end of the day, your team could have received 16 Certificates of Egg-cellence (one for each of the fifteen puzzles, and the one given at the beginning of the day). Your team's "score" will be based on how quickly you got all of the Certficates compared to the other teams.

Again, each Certficate for a particular event/puzzle will have a number (1, 2, 3..., N, up to the number of teams participating). When you are awarded a Certficate for a particular event you will be given the lowest numbered Certificate for that event still available (the first team getting "1", the second, "2"...).

At the end of the day, teams will total up the numbers earned from each Certficate. The team with the lowest total will be the winner (the lowest score will indicate that your team, on average, solved all of the puzzles faster than the other teams). If your team does not complete a particular puzzle, the number awarded for that non-existent Certificate will be N+1, where N is the number of teams participating (so, if there are five teams participating, and your team does not ever solve, say, puzzles "Splat!" and "Alice Buys An Egg", you would get 6 points for each of those -- obviously worse that the 1-5 you would have earned if you had finished the puzzle and gotten a Certificate).

The Certficate given during the introduction speech is not counted in scoring.

Scores will be tallied at 7pm that day... the end time of the Hunt.

The Trump, The Trophy

But, there's always an Egg-ception... as hinted at above, there will be a meta-puzzle. I will not give any description of it, but it could possibly lead your team to the Trophy Egg (the egg pictured on the EPP7 homepage). Regardless of scores calculated from Certificates, if any team finds the Trophy Egg, that team wins!