EPP7: The Teams

Committed Teams

Here I will list any teams as they are assembled. As soon as you start organizing a team, be sure to let me know who the team members are as well as which of the six colors you want your team to be assigned. EPP7 will be designed to accommodate up to six teams. You may alert me to your team's formation before you have a complete team; I will gladly put partial team rosters online (and you are welcome to add or delete members at anytime -- just keep me up to date). If you have a team name, I will gladly list that as well. A team captain should also be designated.

Mark Brady
Tracy Cobbs
Michael Hollingworth
Kelly Hollingsworth
Meghan Vaughn
Ed Boudreaux
Scott Richardson
Robert Voitle
Tim Hardwick
Danny Belu
Bob Gillis
Marsha Gillis
Katie Hammond
Blane Hollingsworth
Trent Kinnucan
Megan Grace
Andrew Thomas
Jenny Powell
Joseph Mantler
Scott Brown
Sarah Holiday
Bill Sherling
Robert Ford
Miller Sherling

Team Size

As usual, I've cooked up a formula you should follow when forming a team. Each person on your team has a "Player Value" associated with him or her. The total of all the Player Values for a Team may not exceed 25.

A Player Value is determined in the following way:

  • If the player has never been to one of my Parties (or the Fall 2007 "Detective" PuzzleHunt), he or she has a Value of 3.
  • Otherwise, a player's Value is equal to 4 plus the number of trophies he or she has won at past Parties, as indicated on this spreadsheet.
  • Finally, if a player is coming to EPP7 and does not live in the Auburn/Opelika area, their Value is reduced by 1.


    While you are allowed to assemble teams however you want (using the guidelines above), I would encourage you to have the following on your teams:
    • One or more people familiar with Auburn/Opelika area.
    • A team Captain with a cell phone. And by "cell phone", I mean a cell phone that will be on the whole PuzzleHunt day, and will be answered whenever I need to contact your team.
    • One or more cars or other modes of transportation. EPP7 will only start at my house. Your teams will quickly discover reasons to go elsewhere around Auburn (and possibly beyond).
    • A digital camera (with some way to allow me to view any pictures you take that day -- email, file transfer, printed out, or on your own sizable computer screen).
    • A compass (the orienteering type, not the geometry type).
    • Five pennies.
    • Access to a computer and the Internet.
    • "Cheat sheets." You are allowed to bring any notes with things like Morse code, semaphore code, ASCII, Braille, etc. Of course, this is all on the Net... but you may want it handy.
    • A Poultry Science major? No, no... just kidding (a little egg-humor, there)