Puzzlehunt Pencils

Puzzlehunts, Mystery Hunts, Puzzle Parties, Puzzle Events... they go by many different names, and come in many different flavors. But one thing they all have in common: they can be very competitive. So, don't get caught out in the field without a handy codesheet to tell you what the Braille representation of a certain letter is... make sure your team has the geekiest, nerdiest, puzzlehunt-iest advantage: The Puzzlehunt Pencil.

Version 1.0 (pictured right, click image for larger picture) is a yellow, hexagonal barrel, No.2 pencil with common coding schemes conveniently engraved on the six sides. Engraved at 1000 dots per inch, they are very readable, and readily (and literally) at hand.

The perfect gift for you puzzle-solving friend who thinks she has everything. The pencils are $2 each, and I'm happy to ship any number to you from a single one to dozens. They are shipped (unsharpened) in a padded envelope. Please add $5 shipping/handling for U.S. orders; $15 for international orders. I accept payment via Paypal.

Email me beforehand if interested to make sure I have them in stock (or to learn when I will be getting more). In your email please tell me how you heard about these pencils. Thanks.

The current version for sale

Puzzlehunt Pencil v1.2

Revisions over v1.1:

Past versions

Puzzlehunt Pencil v1.1

Revisions over v1.0:

Puzzlehunt Pencil v1.0

The six sides are engraved with the following data:
  1. Standard alphabet
  2. Braille alphabet
  3. Morse Code
  4. Semaphore
  5. 5-bit binary numbers (1-26)
  6. Number index (1-26)