BAYER HealthCare Mosaic

This was a pretty standard mosaic/tradeshow gig. The only significant issue was that the client came to me with 4 weeks of lead time (and one of those weeks I was scheduled to be on vacation). They wanted "something cool out of LEGO bricks." In that time frame a 3D sculpture of any size was out of the question. Even a large mosaic was going to be tricky, but to the client's credit we got all of the logistics, contracts, and deposit payments completed in 3 days! Usually this takes 3 weeks or so...

Thus, I was able to build a 90" square mosaic for them. As is typical for tradeshow gigs, part of it was prebuilt at my home-studio, and then I "performed" at the tradeshow by completing it onsite while answering all of the usual questions from awestruck attendees. This particular show was the American Academy of Dermatologists in San Diego, California; 17-19 March 2012.

Here is a list of photographs that documents much of the chronology of this project:

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