Today is your birthday...

Cake This was a pretty straight forward project. A company had an employee who was about to celebrate her birthday (I'll let the reader guess her name from the picture at right).

The design is much simpler than the Wedding Cakes I have made for various people in the past. The birthday cake was only one layer, was a basic rectangle, and only had the one corner 'slice' was removable (to show the yellow cake beneath).

I designed and built this model in about a day. While it could have basically been a simple 'shell' of a cake, it is actually quite solid. The interior is about 50% full of brick, all 2x2s. This made the cake quite sturdy (and heavy -- it weighed 10 pounds), but also meant I did not have to glue much of it (only some of the extremity pieces).

The top was decorated with a few colored 1x1 plates, the 'Happy Birthday' was spelled with dark red plates, while the woman's name was spelled with medium/light blue plates.

I was also thrilled to finally have a reason to use those little plastic LEGO flame elements!

The final cake was about 12 inches by 19 inches (I had originally planned to make it smaller, but then I realized how much room the last name 'Wedderspoon' would take to spell out... not often I run across surnames as long as mine).

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