Experimenting with Minifigs

After so many large scale LEGO sculptures, I have finally started to dabble in Minifig-scale models. While the scale is obviously smaller, the intricacy is no less than with 25 pound statues. In fact, in many ways, the LEGO craftsmanship required is even more demanding... so many little pieces at 'minifig scale'; trying to find the exact one to get just the right look can take a very long time indeed.

My first two minifig pieces both happen to be gifts for friends of mine. The first is for Stephanie, an up-and-coming filmmaker. After seeing the minifig movie camera available in some sets, I couldn't resist creating a LEGO-scene of a movie set in action. So, take a look at the pictures: Lights, Camera, Action!

The second LEGO scene is a gift for a long time friend of mine, Scott, who is an employee of Sun Microsystems. As I am about to fly out to Sun for a month long consulting contract, I decided to create a LEGO replica of a typical Sun Microsystems office (I used to work at Sun and remember all too well the dimensions, proportions, and furniture of such offices). The exact layout of Scott's office I am unsure of, but I think the message will come across. So, GET TO WORK, Scott.

I expect I'll create some more minifig scenes in the future; they are certainly a nice break from the overwhelming size of large scale models. Besides, they are a good way to use up all of those non-brick pieces I've been collecting slowly.

Stay tuned.

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