Molecule Mosaic

Another medical theme commission. This mosaic was commissioned as an art piece to hang in the offices of the healthcare company, Novo Nordisk. Evidently the company had invented some type of new molecule, and they wanted a LEGO rendition of it. Once the final size of the mosaic was decided upon (and there was a choice of two different pictures of the molecule, the "American" and the "European" versions), the build was pretty straightforward.

A large white background with bright colors used to depict the molecule itself. As usual, I "embossed" my name in the lower right corner. The final mosaic was 45" square (144 x 144 studs). I have not seen the mosaic in its final placement, I simply shipped it to the company and they assured me that it would be installed to their liking.

Below and a few pictures that show the progress of the build as it lay on my floor.

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