Oracle OpenWorld, 2009

It had been a while since I had done a LEGO commission (I had been focusing much of my energy on other projects -- mainly puzzle-related). But in May of 2009, Oracle Corporation contacted me about doing a LEGO presentation for their OpenWorld conference in October of 2009.

Oracle had heard of my work I'd done at JavaOne in 2006, and we ended up producing a very similar piece for this show: an 80"x50" mosaic of a computer-related mascot (this time Tux the Linux Penguin, not Duke the Java... uh... the Java something). This was all rather cyclic for a couple of reasons. First, Oracle was in the middle of purchasing Sun Microsystems (the inventor of Java and JavaOne conference); and second, this is not the first time I'd actually built a version of Tux. Years ago, I'd built a 3D sculpture of the Linux mascot (I no longer have that statue, else I would have probably replicated it for this event).

Anyway, the project was fairly standard in that I've done many tradeshows at this point. Some of the mosaic was pre-built before the conference, it was shipped out to the venue, and then over the course of a few days I completed the mosaic as attendees came by and gawked, asked questions, and so forth.

Not a bad way to spend a few days in San Francisco.

Below are a few pictures which show the progress of the project.
This is the original image that the graphic team at Oracle sent me; what they wanted the mosaic to portray.
Here is the mosaic-ized preview image. It was rendered with 10 LEGO colors, 256x160 studs, with no dithering (just nearest-color algorithm). Over 30,000 pieces were bought for the project. I followed the computer preview fairly accurately, but did the text/logo by hand as well as some of the silhouetted buildings so that more "artistic detail" could be rendered.
With the penguin pretty much done, I then started to outline the areas of color (which I would then fill in onsite at the tradeshow.
The next few shots show me installing the panels at the show. This was done the night before the tradeshow opened so that I would be doing actual building once the event started.
Day One of building onsite.
Standing next to the completed mosaic after 3 days of building.

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