Red Hat Storage Mosaic

In the past I have done mosaics for Google, Oracle, and Sun Microsystems. In April of 2014 I was asked to build a mosaic for the Red Hat Summit (specifically for the Red Hat Storage group).

A new challenge for this mosaic, however, was that my final work was to be hung against a background that matched the mosaic itself. In other words, there were parts of the image around the edges of the mosaic that were supposed to line up with the original background against the wall. This sounds much easier than it really is to do in practice. With some careful planning, and on-our-toes-thinking we (myself and the client) made it work.`

During the tradeshow attendees helped me finish the various mosaic sections. We all sat or stood around a table clicking pieces into place, and when a panel was completed, I attached it to the growing mosaic that hung behind me.

As is typical with this type of gig, I made sure the whole mosaic was complete a couple of hours before the end of the show so that attendees could return and photograph the completed work.

After the show, the client donated all of the pieces to a childrens' hospital.

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